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    Mike C

    Do you have a QU Pac ?

    Not sure exactly what your trying to route to where.

    When you say client are you doing a paid installation?

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    Mike C

    And now for the manual…..there is nothing wrong with the manual. I came from years of analog mixer and sound system experience and limited experience on various digital mixers and had no problem taking my QU Pac out of box programming and using it. I did then refer to the manual to clear up a couple detailed questions and I called A&H with a question.

    I have said it before, the manual gives you the information having experience allows you
    to interpret and use that information.

    If you have never really mixed, ran sound or set up a sound system the manual is not going to answer all of your questions nor should it or for that no one manual is ever going to do that.

    I agree with Steffen and Mfk0815 on the manuals and manual use.

    “I am quite familiar with mixing”…. Questionable…….

    “ I am a licensed professional engineer and used to reading technical documents. I have also been a professional writer for one of my jobs” Really again…no one here cares about that other than you.

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    @mike C

    The AH documentation is poor and I don’t have their number to call like you do.
    To be fair to AH : way too much documentation these days is bad or non existent.
    But what we have is incomplete and in places obtuse. It should be better even if others are worse.

    Sorry but videos are not the answer. Too slow, hard to see, poor sound, and wastes too much time.
    Write what is in those videos down and post that text if they do not want to spend the money to print it in a manual.

    I do not need help to run sound. I do not want sound questions answered.
    Just answers on the Qu and how it works; information to understand how their Qu actually works as it is different from our older analog system.

    Setting it up and using it is not an issue.
    The issue was first understanding what and how it is really doing things and the limitations it imposes.

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    Mike probably called his local distributor…

    Product Support


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    This forum has some weird, embedded preview stuff (of the mobile site?) going on… the drop down in the silly preview window has a support link that you can follow (www.allen-heath.com/support) that after ~2 clicks for worldwide distributors will lead to a page like http://www.allen-heath.com/dist_type/usa/

    Also, the slow down you move to fast stuff on this forum is super irritating — editing posts with small corrections doesn’t work because there’s the stop forum spam registration thing that gives an access denied, so the only alternative is posting a second time. Would be nice if A&H upgraded to proper forum software such as XenForo or Discourse like other companies seem to be moving to for support boards.

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    Mike C

    Yes I called the US distributor.

    As for editing a post with in the edit allowable time span, I’ve found
    that if you un-check the “keep a log of this edit” it works without all
    of the spam screening.

    Actually I just did it to this post!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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