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    You’re packing up but there’s some background music running through a couple of channels so you can’t turn the desk off..

    It would be handy to go to the home screen and turn the phantom off all the channels in one go before unplugging the mics. Since it’s under software control…..

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    This has been discussed before in a previous post somewhere…
    Would you not just mute all channels except your back ground music playing?
    If you mute all channels [not being used] at the end of the show would that also mute anything that’s going to fold back as well?
    Of course that’s only if foldback is set up to follow mutes.

    I guess the home screen turn off point is an interesting place [for a switch] to turn off all phantom. KAPOWSKi unless everything is muted?
    UNLESS you want to have that phantom ‘on’ next time you turn the desk on in a set scenario where you leave everything in place over night for the next night show.
    Lots of options!?

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    Ah, but if my BGM music is coming through a DI or two and needs phantom – maybe there’s a DJ, or the landlord wanted his system from the bar to run the BGM – then I’d need “safes” on a those channels….

    So, when the band’s finished, save your end of gig settings if you need to, then make your BGM channels and outputs “Safe”, then recall a (previously saved) blank scene. Job done.

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    My thoughts exactly Mark!
    I have had that DJ playing over there in the far corner of a stage…
    last thing on a job
    Using Di inputs that were phantom powered!
    I mean the DJ did not actually need phantom powered Dis but that’s just how the night rolls or show went…
    to kill them off at the wrong time is not a professional look.

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    Hey that’s a good idea to do it with a scene recall.
    It’s just about being kind to the mics rather than avoiding a pop which can be muted FOH and in monitors with the main mutes.

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