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    Mark Oakley

    I’m having a problem “tunneling” data through my iLive system.

    I recently bought a pair of Powersoft M50Q DSP+Eth amps to use on monitors. I’d like to control them in real time using the Armonia software running on my laptop at FOH. The IP addresses are:

    Powersoft #1:
    Powersoft #2:

    In the Powersoft amp rack, I’ve installed an Ethernet switch and an Ethercon connector on the back panel. When I plug my computer’s network port directly into the amp rack’s Ethercon connector, everything works perfectly: Armonia can “see” both amps.

    Next, I tried connecting through the iDR-48 by connecting a Cat5 cable from my laptop to one of the iDR-48s Network ports, and another Cat5 from the iDR-48 to the Powersoft racks Ethercon. Although all the Network lights flash, the Armonia software cannot make connection through the iDR-48. I also have an iDR 16 and 32, so I’ll try the same procedure with them, and also through my T-80 and 112. Shouldn’t this work?

    -thanks, Mark

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    as far as I know this should work

    did similiar things with other hardware many times…

    remote control of Meyer Sound Galileo, d&b amps, wireless systems from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG

    my most challenging task was
    R-72 on FOH, iDR-16 at broadcasters place (90m cable) and the xDR-16 at the PA place (70m cable)
    and it worked well with the d&b D-80 amps at the PA place and a Sennheiser wireless Rack at broadcasters place
    everything in one network…

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    Yes, I can confirm- works with anything I’ve tested including Armonia (not sure about UDP though). But regardless of addresses you use, the tunnel passes everything. If you wan to control your HW AND iLive, then they have to be in the same subnet obviously.


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    Mark Oakley

    Hi Guys:

    Thanks for the replies. Cool application, Steffen. I’ll try it out with my iDR-32 and report back. The iDR-16 is in the shop: noisy output getting fixed (a recent ebay purchase).


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    Mark Oakley

    So I tried the same Network path at home (laptop>iDR48>Powersoft Rack) and the iDR passes Ethernet no problem. Hmmm… I’ll try it on the gigs this weekend and report back.


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