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    Let’s say I have few mic’s on the drums and want to group them together. No problem, I just turn off all the outputs on the mic’s and route them to a group, them I route the group to all the outputs. I turn the volume up on the mics and group in the “LR” mix and out comes sound… BUT when I want drums in a monitor, I can only control the group master and the balance between the diffrent mic’s is fixed by how it is mixed in the “LR” mix.
    How would I go about, for example, adding more snare in mix 1 (monitor 1)?

    And another, sort of the same question… Can I make it such that I don’t have to have drums in the main mix to put them in a monitor. It seems like it has to go through the main mix before going to the monitors. I have tried switching between pre and post in the group with no luck.

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    Using Subgroups of individual channels for a monitor mix is practically always no good idea. Most people are trying this to reduce complexity but it ends, in case you have a powerful mixing system, in a far more complex solution unlike the straight forward way of doing it without groups. You can try to use DCAs instead of the group and send the channels of that group post fader to the Monitor and adjust the send level if required for single channels. But even that will end into an unstablesound because it is relying on the main mix which is usually not a static mix. But, try it maybe the approximation is good enough for you.

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    I have used DCA’s before and they work fine as expected. But DCA’s are not really groups you can put on EQ, compressor and that sort of stuff. DCA’s are just a master fader for multiple channels without having to route anything to anything… very straigtforward.
    But when having for example 10 vocal mic’s or drum mics, it is very time comsuming to EQ and Compress them individually insted of EQ-ing and Compressing a master-group and then tweak the individual channels.
    That’s the reason for wanting to use groups and not DCA’s

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    Regarding “adding more snare in mix 1” Are you sure you have all your inputs also assigned to the mix? (and not only to the group?)

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    @eythoralex This is an old topic, but you want a pre-fade aux, not a group. It’s intended for exactly this purpose and does exactly what you want.

    You can swap groups for auxes if you don’t have enough available.


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    Aren’t the input channels phase aligned with the group outputs? Than you should be able to send a “drum group” to a monitor mix and add extra “snare input channel” if needed. Need to try it, not sure.

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