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    Hi guys,
    I’m hoping someone here understands all this networking stuff better than I do.

    I have two Mac laptops and the QU-16. I have all three plugged in to a Netgear Gigabit switch and I do not have a router.

    I am sending midi info from one laptop to another and that is set up and working.

    I’m now trying to send midi info via the laptop to the QU-16 to change scene data, etc.

    Currently I have both macs set up using DHCP. I have the QU-16 set up the same way.

    I can see the two laptops in my “MIDI Network Setup” window on the mac, but I don’t see the QU-16. When I go to add it to the directory, and try to add something, I get a pop up window asking for “Name, Host, and Port”. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

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    I think you can only use the rear USB port to the laptop, network port is for a wifi IPad remote

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    According to the Qu Mixer MIDI Protocol you should be able to run MIDI through the ethernet port as well, at least on a Mac where a driver (check iLive software downloads) needs to be installed. Not sure if there are plans at A&H to add support for RtpMIDI so that the Qu can be seen natively on Macs (using UDP instead of TCP).
    Using the USB connection is probably simpler to use, though.

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    You can connect the Qu net port to a Mac for midi control only.
    You need to install the Mac Daw driver.
    The midi is bi-directional.
    No audio is passed though.
    In fact you can connect the USB-B AND the network port to a Mac both at the same time.
    Audio can be passed through the USB-B and control via the Net work port.
    You need to set up the Daw app in your Mac to accomodate this.
    A & H have a video of this.

    Hope this helps

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    Sorry cannot help with your original post.
    Andreas had supplied you with the right link for midi info.

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    Nice doc and info Andreas and NZdave. Never knew about this but I have Windows so might be time for a Mac ha ha .

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    I’m curious, does the MIDI over TCP/IP only work if you are using the DAW app? I have configured a program to talk to the QU-16 over MIDI (via the USB port) using NRPN messages. I installed the driver for MIDI over TCP/IP and my program sees it as a MIDI port, but when I send the NRPN messages they are not received by the board.

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