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    Signal Hill

    Hi. I am having trouble tracking with our new SQ6. Heres a little back story-

    For several years I have tracked live bands with a Presonus Studio Live. I frequently tracked 24 tracks at 48/24 for hours straight with no issues. We recently upgraded to an SQ6, and Im unable to track for more than a few minutes before the computer stops recording and gives me an error message. I realize that the SQ6 is fixed at 96k and that my computer is older, but we tried a Macbook Pro thats only a couple years old running Logic and had the same issues.

    Heres the specs on the laptop I’m using that worked great with the Studio Live-

    2010 Macbook Pro model 7.1
    2.4 gig Core 2 Duo processor
    500 gig Crucial internal SSD system drive
    8 gigs ram
    LaCie rugged FW800 external audio drive
    Pro Tools 2018.7
    OS X Sierra 10.12.6

    I have also tried Waves Tracks Live on this machine and have the same issue.

    All DAWs will record for 30seconds to 20 minutes and then stop record and give a “the disk couldn’t keep up” error.

    Any ideas?


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    your disks are not fast enough for recording in 96kHz
    since this is double amount of data per second than 48kHz

    you can use an external TB SSD or a fast HDD

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    reading your post again, maybe something is misconfigured at your system

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    Signal Hill

    My laptop isn’t equipped with thunderbolt. I recently installed an SSD system drive, so I’m going to try my old system drive (7200 rpm HD’s) as a second internal record drive.

    Did nobody ever record 96k to an external FireWire 800 drive? It’s a 7200 rpm drive.

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    Signal Hill

    Any suggestions where to start looking? Just a little background on me –

    I’m a full time studio engineer, so I’m no stranger to sample rate settings, clock syncing, etc. I am 100% sure this isn’t an issue with pro tools, as I have used pro tools everyday for 10 years.

    Also, another engineer on his own laptop running logic had the same issue. The only common components were the SQ and the lacie drive, which is why I’m going to eliminate the lacie as the problem today by installing the second internal drive.

    It very well could be just as the error states, “the drive is too slow”. What track count might one expect recording 96k to a FireWire 800 7200 rpm drive? I’ve never worked at 96k recording live. I do it on the studio all the time, but I use thinderbolt drives and a Mac Pro in the studio.

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    jeanraoul ducable

    I experienced exactly the same problem
    I have the same profyle

    My post is here :

    drivers : record stop after 3min and 30s

    It’s a shame, the driver is the problem. Nothing bad with the old RME Madiface pro

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