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    Chris Irwin

    I have recently noticed that some channels have a “trim” available (obviously the case with digital inputs vs analog), but a lot of channels/types don’t have a digital trim option available. I would particularly like this option for Group Busses (maybe all buss types, as I’m sure there are applications for it with aux busses as well).

    I send a separate livestream mix out from a matrix that is being fed from a few different group busses (separate from the main House buss). I’ve been fighting with the gain structure, since the livestream needs to be much hotter than I want to run the rest of my mix at. I would really like to be able to boost the level at the beginning of the buss BEFORE it hits the compressor section, but as of now I can’t find a way to do this; all I can find is makeup gain on the compressor and of course the fader itself.

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    Digital trim is found on INPUT channels. Groups, Auxes, Matrices, and Main Busses are all output channels, and don’t have a trim.

    You could try routing your live stream matrix (or group) to another INPUT channel and then using the digital trim on that channel, before going out. Just make sure that the channel is not assigned back to that group or the main LR.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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