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    It is too bad that A&H does not open its Deep Processing to third parties. They could monetize it by being the portal and taking a percent just like Apple does for apps. They would probably make more money because people would buy a lot more plugins.

    As it is I will probably not be buying a wave or any expensive cards of theirs, or a Waves sever. I need to be portable and internal no latency plugins are the best solution for me. I am willing to pay a premium for that.

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    it makes no sense to open the DEEP processing for third party vendors
    the market would not be big enough

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    As above, it’s a non sense …

    Even if they decide tomorrow to open their « deep processing » architecture to third party plugins, waves or other won’t work on it as it require specific programming extertise, third party teams must work together with a&h to test and debug , with different configurations … this is not an easy task !

    Waves work on x86 architecture (win/macos) and note that they no more support TDM arch since v9.6 …
    here the SQ is more like ARM I guess, but surely not an x86

    You think they will sell more plugins (third party here) but A&H provide and devellop their own (and they’re goog for the job)
    And so they are more efficient to debug them… and for the really few one who really want waves, they offer the ability to add a soundgrid waves card !!!
    And only for half the price if you were on a GLD 😉
    But yeah, more hassle, less portable
    You have the choice ;p

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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