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    Just a thought in the new year. The direct responses on this forum by Keith and the A&H lads is just outstanding.

    I used to have a mixing desk by another manufacturer and it was impossible to get any direct replies out of the company on the forum, most often the members guessing what the company planned to do (if anything) and wondering how quickly they would completely abandon a current product to sell the “newest” thing.

    Frustrated me for a few years until I simply sold the products and bought my SQ6. Happiest day of my life.

    Thanks Keith and all at A&H.


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    Not only support is great, also console is great.

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    Absolutely fantastic service and gear, would never consider any other company!

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    For sure support is good.
    Wish I needed less of it and could figure out more things better from the documentation for myself.

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    I agree with all of the comments made above: A&H support is the run away leader in advancing the type of info we all need from time to time. For this reason I always recommend A&H devices when asked for an opinion.

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    Carl N

    Absolutely agree. Top notch support, very helpful and accessible staff. Thanks A&H!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Ahw, thank you!

    It’s only a tiny bit me, but I think I can speak on behalf of the others at A&H to say that we all get our kicks from you guys enjoying our consoles, so we’re more than happy to help… and it’s for completely selfish reasons 😉

    I’ll take this opportunity to throw it right back though and say a massive thank you to all the guys here in the community who offer their knowledge, experience and advice to others.
    We often get comments (from all over the world) about what a lovely bunch of users Allen&Heath has, and we’re incredibly grateful!!


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    Andre S

    + 1 googolplexian

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    Mike C

    I need to jump in here as a long time Allen Heath user and owner going back to the Vision, GL3, GL4, GL2000, 2200, 2400, Mix Wiz, Zed’s QU & SQ’s the support and service
    has been great.

    One time working with a SYS LINK modification/connection between and couple GL2200’s and
    after few back and forth trouble shooting emails Carey Davies himself called me for some real time trouble shooting when I had the mixers opened up and in front of me, we got it sorted out.

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    +1 I Fully agree, great products, great support. I still have an old GL3300 and it still works great.

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    Don’t get too excited. Allen and Heath abandons their own hardware as well. I give you the Avantis as proof.

    We are still waiting for an off-line editor that has been talked about by various Allen and Heath employees on this forum for the last 15 months. We’ve been hearing “it should be out by the end of the year” since Oct 2019. It’s still MIA. It’s been 9 months since the last firmware update – and this is on a new board that is in need of a major firmware revision just to bring some basic functionality to the board.

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    Does not mean it was abandoned.
    Stuff happens and this year the stuff was covid plus the usual problems.

    If it does not have basic functionality why did you buy Avantis now instead of waiting?
    Are you saying you are not using the device at all just waiting for some supplementary program?

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