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    is there a temperature alarm on the console? I used the console without taking it out of its fly-case,I had no problems, I noticed at the end that the ventilation was blocked on the sides

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    KeithJ A&H

    You will get a warning in the top right of the screen if the unit is overheating and can check the core temp in the ‘Utility > General > Diagnostics’ screen at any time.
    The diagnostics screen shows the current temperature along with the minimum and maximum recorded since powering on.
    Anything between 70degC and 80degC is fairly typical though it can go higher than this without issue or warnings.
    The fans will also ramp their speed and do their best to keep everything happy 🙂

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    I have an SQ5 from Canada.
    I’m doing shows in Australia with step down voltage converters at FOH. 240-110
    These are my temp readings can someone say if it seem ok.
    Core Temp 76-78C
    Voltage 0.978V
    Ac temp 66C
    Fan speed one and two around 430 rpm

    Thanks, Jonah

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    Hey there, I am getting around 80C after about 1h of usage, the temperature doesn´t damage the board, but you can hear the fan sometimes.
    The computer inside the SQ-5 should have no problem with temperature up to 90C, based on my experience. But if you get a warning, you should take a look inside.

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    What happens when a console overheats? Last night I was in in a hot club (500 ppl, Punkrock, beers being tossed). So I thought I’d be clever and put a plastic tarp over the console. After 1,5 hours suddenly the master lost signal. Inputs still going, groups going, just nothing on the master. Restarted and sound came through again, for 20 seconds. And gone again. Lifted the tarp and 30 seconds later sound was back. In the diagnostics it said (see image)
    core temp: 77.39 (Max: 79.98°C)
    DAC temp: 66.00°! (Max: 67.00°C)
    Might that have been a overheating issue? I am a bit scared now. 4 more show days.

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