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    Hey folks!

    So I’ve got a sweet Touch OSC template going that lets me control dLive, our lighting console, and Pro Presenter all via Osculator. (Working version attached.)

    I’m interfacing with dLive using the TCP Midi driver as a midi source/destination in osculator. I’ve got Back-mapping going so that fader movements on the desk are reported on the iPad running Touch OSC, and vice versa – iPad will also control faders on the dLive. I’ve also mapped various Scenes needed for a particular show to buttons on the Touch OSC layout. Interestingly, when I recall scenes, fader movements/position are *not* reported by dLive. (IE I’m not seeing any return midi message on scene recall aside from the scene recall message reported by console.) What’s interesting is it suddenly started working for like two minutes, then stopped again. Any thoughts as to what might be going on here? It’s *got* to be something dumb that I’ve overlooked. …or broken.

    Is there a way to request current fader position with a ping like you might using OSC? (…and for any A&H admins listening, OSC support please! 🙂 )



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