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    my goodness 40 years of sound engineer and no clue!!!
    anybody please help me to get a midi footpedal working to control tap tempo on the sq!!
    laptop on stage connected via lan to the sq 7 (f.o.h.)with ah`s midi control,conection works….
    if i understood right a softknob can recieve midi control (note on note off) in my case its softknob 8 wich controls global tap tempo.
    softknob 8 does not need to send midi only recieve

    application: drummer tappin tempo in a police tribute…

    no i do not have qlab i work with gig performer.

    any help apprechiated!!

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Mumu,

    Can you let me know which MIDI foot pedal you’re using?
    How are you connecting that to the computer?
    Are you using any software to connect the SQ MIDI ports to foot pedal MIDI ports?


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    haha i was trying way to complicated to achieve,
    i am using midi through now (as if “midi through” was not self explaing enough) on a&h midi control.
    through gigperformer
    (see here very convincing live software https://gigperformer.com/ )
    with a keyboard (arturia mk2) and it works simply by pressing/releasing the g2 note to trigger softknob 8.
    wich in my case is the knob to conrol bpm of the sq.
    it is indeed the g2 note and not the g3 as described in your “SQ-MIDI-Protocol-Issue3.pdf”
    but that is normal in midi world,note number interpretation seems strange, i experienced that with several devices/plugins e.t.c.

    to finish up: i run the midi through the dante network cable, it works (one cable less from the desk to stage, as the computer is on stage in my case)

    thanks for you effort
    best regards

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey @mumu

    We’ve added the following to the MIDI protocol document (which I’m copying here for anybody who comes across this)
    “The HEX values shown here are accurate,but some applications and hardware use different octave designations. i.e If C3 is not controlling SoftKey 1, try C2/C4”

    We went with the ‘classic’ MIDI Middle C = 60 = C3 throughout the SQ, but yes there are lots of things which now use MIDI Middle C = 60 = C4.
    Standards eh?!


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