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    Hey guys, I recently got a GLD-80 and I’m very happy with it. It has great advanced processing/routing features like parallel processing etc., but also has a very simple and unintimidating appearance, which is perfect for volunteers. The one issue I’ve noticed when operating the desk locally is that the tap tempo lags behind the actual taps i make on the lcd screen. I first tried a soft key for global tap tempo, but that seemed even more unpredictable.

    I’ve tried two or three taps, and I’ve tried seven or eight taps. No matter what I do, sometimes I get reliable results, but usually (I’d say at least 3/5 tap attempts) the tempo the delay lands on is offset from my actual taps. I’m using global tap tempo, and im realizing now that I could try NOT setting the delays to global tap to see of there is some lag when setting global tempo over setting individual tempos.

    So has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?


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    Anyone at all?? Maybe there’s a problem with my desk. If I’m the only one having this issue, do I need to replace the desk?


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    I’ve noticed the same thing with both the GLD and QU. I’ve found I need the last tap to be slightly early.

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    I have always wondered about this. I have owned other devices with tap tempo that I thought were pretty good. Both GLD and QU have never responded to suit me. Always seems like I have to tap faster or a high resolution tap than what is working. Like if I feel like a 1/4 note tap it almost feels like it needs to be faster like an 1/8 to make it work. It always takes a faster tap. I really haven’t taken time to analyze it to see what is happening.

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    I don’t think it does any sort of averaging so there isn’t much point in doing more than two taps, other than to get your own timing right.

    Obviously check that you have the time divisions set up so that the time you tap is the time you get out.

    If it tells you anything, I haven’t got around to removing the M-One from the rack. 🙂


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    Just wondering whether there is a difference is responsiveness between tapping the screen and using a soft key linked to that? I usually use the soft key, and I have to admit I sometimes think it isn’t acurate. The flashing of the soft key can be rather misleading especially if you have it set to a short note division.

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    Coming from a musicians point of view after using the tap function on a QU to really hit the groove of music playing, I have had to tap sometimes 5-7 times. [unless its a short slap back type of effect where the time didnt really matter too much]
    Remember that if you are wanting the tap for “this purpose” of being in that time groove [musicians are in] music dose drift in and out of tempo. Unless of course live musicians are playing to a click track?

    I have found personally I nearly need to anticipate the tapping.
    However there are many types of delayed effects so what I have just said is only an example or scenario.
    I have tried the screen and prefer to assign the tap to a dedicated soft key of which I might say is a little spongy so right there is an issue within itself. [however this still works]
    The soft key is nothng like an external device wired into an outboard rack of equipment.
    However within the general scheme of things, after practice, I find this is built into this hardware acceptable at this level of equipment.
    Maybe and this just an idea… try rehearsing the tapping, to a mechanical click track? A metronome?

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    Ya, setting a dedicated hardware delay with tap tempo is much easier. I have lots of experience with tap tempo, and this is definitely not the best.

    I’d actually be interested in a ‘tempo bus’ where the current tempo of whatever was assigned to this bus would be translated to the global tempo of the desk. DJ setups have been doing this for years and while there would be a measure or two of lag while the tempo was analyzed, this would be a great feature.

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