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    The Sorcerer

    Hello one and all,

    Am considering replacing my elderly X32 with a SQ6. Looks fab. My X32 has a talkback button on the righthand side which is perfect for directors to hit at their convenience…

    I’ve checked the spec online and it seems as though I can switch the talkback button via a footswitch on a SQ6, which would be very handy when we have a visiting director. Is this the case?

    If you can control the talkback button via the footswitch, is it latching/non latching switchable? I could always build a box with a few buttons and a light on it to show the talkback mic is open.

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    Without the desk in front of me, this is from memory as I’ve not used a footswitch for this function 😉

    I believe you can do everything you want, and more! You can use a footswitch to replicate the talk button on the desk. If you use a momentary switch, then its action can be latching or momentary or both. Both is the very useful (IMO) press quickly to latch on/off, or press and hold for momentary.

    I’ve been assigning my talkback input to a spare channel strip, as well as the default talkback function, so that I have a button to talk to stage, and a fader to talk to house.

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    The Sorcerer

    Thanks Mark. It does look like it’s highly customisable, which is great news after using the not-so-patchable X32 for 3 years

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @thesorcerer ,

    Welcome to the SQ community!

    You can indeed use either of the footswitch connections (SQ supports dual or single footswitches) in addition to the dedicated ‘Talk’ key.
    The footswitch can be set up for momentary or latching switches, and also has a ‘Soft Latch’ setting, which essentially makes a momentary switch a latching one.
    Further to this, you can set the Talkback switch behavior itself to ‘Momentary + Latch’ which means a long hold and release will only be on for the time it’s held and a quick press will latch (when used with momentary switches).

    So there are a few options… 🙂


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    The Sorcerer

    Brilliant. Thanks Keith. This is certainly looking like the new desk for me. A few more questions still to answer but I’ll hunt the forum first. Many thanks, Paul.

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    Hello Keith.
    That’s a a good point to know.
    Can the other foot switch tap tempo ?
    You did say dual foot switches?
    Sorry I don’t own an SQ yet..
    Just looking

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    Yes. I’ve set up Tap tempo & DCA Mute (for all FX sends).

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