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    Wrir Live Sound Guy

    It seems someone completely dropped the ball. How do you route the Talkback mic to the ME-1s? It seems the Monitor page only has all the direct in’s and never the TALKBACK. There is no other way to get the talkback into the ME-1s? How is this supposed to work? I am recording people in a quiet room. I need to be able to ask for them to hit their bloody kickdrum!

    I double checked the Monitor page, and it only has INS, and the dSNAKE Out page has outs, but the ME-1 only gets stuff from the Monitor page evidently.

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    I don’t have a console setup with a ME1 where I can look at it. Doesn’t the ME1 routing offer ability to assign a mix buss? I thought it did. Then you could set the talkback to that buss. If it doesn’t then it should. For studio use that is a given.

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    Or you sacrifice a channel…

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    ME1 should be able to accept a mix buss. If not this is a gross oversight.

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    Talkback can be assigned to Mix/Grp/Mtx, any of the 40 ME streams can individually assigned to be sourced from input channels or Mix/Mtx. So using a Mix for ME talkback works, assigning the Talkback channel directly to a ME stream does not work, though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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