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    We are using ME-1’s with in ears for our band. The only way I can be heard by them is to setup a talkback channel strip and mute/unmute the mic. I’d like to be able to use the talk button on the board directly but cannot seem to find a way to patch the output of that to a ME-1 input without wasting a aux or similar.

    It would be great to have a way to route directly form the Talk button to a channel on the ME-1/Aviom Monitor bus.


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    I have the same issue. Was wondering if you had found a solution with patching the talk back button to a channel on the ME-1??

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    Hi Guys

    The fact that you can’t route talkback directly to an output in GLD has been added to our bug tracking system. I can’t make any promises as to when it might get resolved, but thanks for spotting this one!


    – Jeff, A&H

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    Is or can the talkback input on the surface be assigned as an input channel?

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    There is actually no dedicated talkback input on the surface. You need to assign one of the preamps (or, in principle, a line input or even a digital I/O channel) as the talkback source.

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    I would also like to know the answer to this question, as we are using a ME-1 for our drummer…

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    We have gone so far as to assign the direct output from a socket to our ME-1s and labelled it Talkback. This socket is also patched in Setup as the Talkback source. Unfortunately, the microphone has to have a built in On/Off switch, otherwise the ME-1 channel remains open (even when Talkback is turned off), adding ambient room noise to the artist’s mix.

    This thread has been acknowledged by A&H already, but we want to add our voice to the conversation and say that a dedicated talkback source on the ME-1 that links to the source on the GLD would be very helpful.

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    You can assign anything to the Monitor Output port.

    Why not just assign the Talk back mic to an Aux? Then have one of the 40 sources being selected in the ME-1 as an Aux input and you have Talk to the ME-1s at that point.. When you press the Talk button on the console it would route to the ME’s

    My guess is if you are using ME’s you probably dont need as many aux’s live in the mix so you could assign different Aux’s to the groups of ME-1’s or just have all ME=1s have a default access key to pick up TB.

    Will that work of for you?

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