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    Dear all,
    I am from the old school so digital consoles are kind of new for me. I have a nice QU16 mixer and do all the job directly on the console. Now I am up to buy a tablet to do monitors and maybe some FOH over wifi, while another person is doing FOH directly on the QU16. I have been reviewing some info about tablets and wifi, but I still do not know if I have to go directly for an Ipad or I can just use a Samsung Galaxy Tab to do that job ( I do not have any of them, I will buy one ). I need the most reliable HW-SW solution. Could you please share with me your experiences? What I need to do is to manage all the stage monitors for the musicians as well as the main mix. Thanks in advance.

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    Mike C

    The Allen Heath Q Pad app is only available for iPads, there is a third party app called I think Mix Station available for Android and iPad. Never used it but some people like it.
    For what it’s worth my iPads are Air 2’s, you can get a decent price on them on the refurbish section on Apple’s website.

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    Mike C

    Here’s a link to the Mixing Station post.
    Mixing Station

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    New to this?
    You will need to spend time learning and experimenting.
    After using the ipad [1st ipad pro large version] for years, bought solely for the Qu-pad.
    Ive looked & tried the Mixing station.[There are some good parts I would like in the qu-pad]
    For simplicity, I like the ipad pro with Apples Airport Express router with stock standard QU settings,as once its set up it just goes.
    Turn OFF automatic updates so ‘you’ are in control.
    And, you can experiment with it in an off line mode.

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    What NZ Dave above says!
    For ease of use the iPad route is the way to go.
    I have Mix Station on android too but the QuPad app on an iPad is a well polished solution.
    It will run on 1st gen iPad minis (iPad gen2 maybe too?) so a suitable iPad isn’t a big layout if you hit eBay.
    The iPad airport express route has been rock solid for me for years, highly recommended.

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    Just to confirm that iPad get 2 does work.

    I contacted an eBay seller of old iPads & explained what I needed – he had one with a broken camera, which he let me have very cheap. So that’s now just used for Qu & music playback.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback!

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    I use an iPad Pro with the A&H app. I also use a Samsung View with the Mixing station app. I like both.

    Until earlier this year, the Mixing Station app did not work well with the A&H QU series mixers – I continually got drop out and couldn’t use it. It was also a little restrictive in what I could control from the tablet. However, David made some changes to the app protocol and now it is excellent and very stable. I can do basically everything on it that I can on the console and the A&H app. It is more customizable than the A&H app which is nice too.
    I still have my old iPad2 which works fine with the A&H app – its just tired and slow – LOL.
    I can also confirm that the iPad mini 1st gen works also – same platform as the ipad2
    So if you can pick up a cheap older iPad, it will be fine or if you prefer a tablet – you will also be fine.
    Choices choices….

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    I have a pair of Ipad mini-2 they work great and I have an Ipad 3 which is kinda slow. From my experience so far an Ipad mini 2,3, or 4. Ipad full-size iPad 4 Air 1,2 or Ipad 5 or 6. I have been sticking with the slightly older Ipad mini 2 or a full-size IPAD used since these things could get stolen or broke at a gig.

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    Just to clarify, although my old ipad2 is slow – it is only slow when making selections, fast moving graphics, video and general functioning – comparing it to my iPad pro which is very fast using the 10x chip. It is NOT that slow when being used with the QU PAD app. The response time is still good and it does not affect the control ability.

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