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    Hey, HELP!

    T112, no prior issues. Been sitting unused for 4 months and now when booting up …

    Screen flashes normally at switch on then nothing.

    Blank black screen and no continuation of boot up. Nothing happens. No start, no surface activity.

    Firmware 1.94

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    Our T80 does similar.

    When I powered on, no signs of life from the computer. No beeps. No text on screen.
    The screen works, but it doesn’t display anything.
    If I have the mix rack turned on, the sound will work, but with no controls–No volume control, no mute/unmute. So whatever is there is there and that’s it.

    Taking the back off was really easy–mostly just a bunch of phillips head screws. There are a couple torx bit screws, and you will need to unplug two wires coming from the jack in the middle of the back.
    I replaced the battery (looks like a nickle) and now when I power it on it beeps! Great Success!!
    I connected a monitor and keyboard via VGA and USB. It shows the black and white ‘BIOS’ window, but that just tells me it can’t find a network.
    I followed the “network reset procedure” to reset the network settings for the mixrack and board. But that didn’t do anything…
    The sales rep told us to take a pic of the SBC (I think that’s the main computer or processor or CPU or whatever. It’s easy to ID, though. It’s just the board the battery is connected to).
    If we end up replacing that board, it’s like $1,500 which seems like ‘ouch’ but way better than $5-10k for a new board.
    I’ll try to update this post when something else happens.

    Let me know your progress!

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    We contacted the sales rep. He says we should replace the internal flash drive. It is proprietary to AnH because it has the BIOS written into it. He thinks he can get one, but doesn’t know when or what it will cost. So we are sitting on our hands for a while.


    Have you heard anything yet? I have a T-80 with the same issue, and want to get a copy of the OS/BIOS as well.

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    Hi, we had also trouble with an empty battery at the T112. I figured out there is a Fujitsu D2963-S11 G2 mainboard inside (Fujitsu SBC – 004-111 – AE8214 also called) and I had to boot it after Battery replacement using the frontpanel connector. But BIOS is on default setting, means display only VGA Port and Boot from Network. Wanted to Change but BIOS asking for a password. We dont have one. Anyone an Idea how to reset it or is there a service password known who is also given on delivery ?

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