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    Recently, the surface has been having an issue where all of a sudden, all of the LED backlights turn off and the surface stops working. You can still see the names on the channels (although not backlit), but fader movements do nothing and buttons such as mute do nothing. The touchscreen remains lit up, but is also unresponsive. Luckily when this happens we usually have an iPad connected so we can continue mixing from that, but it is not ideal. We have to hard reboot the surface to get it to come back. Any suggestions about what the issue may be? Could this be an issue with the cable connecting the surface to the mix rack or do we have a much bigger issue potentially.

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    I’d suggest checking the power supply cleanliness. I can’t recall if there is a powered cooling fan, but it sounds like it could be heat related. Maybe a heatsink that is filled with dust, etc…..
    I have not had our T112 opened up so I really can’t say what’s “under the hood”……

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    I’d say it’s disconnecting from the MixRack – as in losing the connection.

    I’m looking for a solution for that, hence I stumbled across your post. If I get any answers out of Allen & Heath and don’t get fobbed off I’ll let you know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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