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    1.80 FW

    Running a fast moving show, 40 scenes in 9 minutes, and I was shadowing the operator on Director and caught some inconsistencies that were concerning. In this case, Director was connected to Surface+Mixrack so I was not expecting to run completely independent.

    1) Soft keys on Director don’t “Light Up” or “Flash” to indicate activation. A lot of the workflow is through the soft keys for mix selection, DCA spills, scene control, master mute (1). While Director should not follow most of the workflow item, I would expect the mute group to be red when active. Likewise, on Director, if I activate a mix I should see it blue and a DCA spill should be flashing blue. As it is, you have to mentally keep exact track of where you are on the soft keys.

    2) Scene management doesn’t appear to be linked for current state. “Last Recalled” is current (which isn’t really scene management), but running linked, I would expect that I should see what is up next in the surface cue list. Also, while I can understand Director having confirmations enabled for recall/store, etc. I’m not sure I understand how auto store, auto increment and others can be completely independent when they are linked.

    Two “wish” items that I’ll put in feature requests that we ran into: the iPad app needs (1) to show last scene recalled and (2) ability to set PAFL delay. You can work around #2, but it’s a hack.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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