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    We recently bought an SQ6 at school. I’m still a bit confused about what channel type to use as a submix buss, for instance for drums.

    A dca buss allows me to mute all assigned tracks and alter there faders all at once, but I can’t apply buss compression or eq to a dca buss

    Is a group the most logical channel type to use as a drumbuss? When mixing in a DAW (in my case logic), I send all drum channels to a buss instead of directly to the main outs, and I would like to do the same with the SQ.

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    As an addition to the original post:

    I think a group might not be the thinks I’m looking for since tracks that are assigned to a group are still assigned to the main LR. And what about channel levels? Is the routing to a group pre or post fader?

    Maybe a stereo aux is a better option? Sending all drum tracks to a stereo aux and then sending the stereo aux to the main LR? I suppose I can send post channel EQ and compression?

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    Søren Steinmetz

    A group is a submix buss, just different names on different brands.

    You assign channels to the group just like on an Analog console,
    but you need to un-assign them to LR as they are assigned as standard.

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    A DCA can be seen as a remote control of the fader levels for one or more channels (input channels as well as bus channels). Muting a DCA will mute also the assigned channels. No signal processing can be done on a DCA group.
    A subgroup is a bus like a post fader Aux bus but without the possibilty to adjust the individual level of the input channel. you can see it as a post fader bus with fixed fader position at 0 dB. You also are only able to assign input channels to a subgroup. but you can do signal processing on that group. I, for instance, usually use a group for vocals with some EQ tweaks and some compressor. The EQ of the group allows me to adjust the sound of the vocals without any affect to monitoring, the compressor is working as a glue to keep the voices tight and ‘in one piece’.
    When you assign channels to a group it is recommended to unassign that channels from the main mix, but I think the SQ is phase coherent when using subgroups, so you can even assign channels to both, group and main mix, for special purpose like parallel compression.

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    The reason you can’t do any processing on a DCA is that it isn’t an audio bus, it is only a remote control for the faders and mutes of the channels assigned to it.

    You want a group, the channels are still assigned to the LR because you haven’t unassigned them. You’ll also need to make sure the group is assigned to the LR mix.


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