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    Good afternoon folks!

    Just finished up my first long weekend with our new dLive system. We have a dm48 and cdm32 connected via DANTE with distro to/from multiple locations and a DSP server. For monitoring we are using a combination of me-1 for our hard-wired locations, and aux busses routed directly to wireless IEM transmitters, which are then controlled via OneMix on iPads.

    So here’s the thing: I want to sub-mix the drums as a pre-fader mix, then map that overall mix channel to the iPads for simplified drum level controls for the performers. I thought I could do it with an aux originally, but you can only have one aux per iPad in OneMix. (This makes sense because of the program architecture.) When I realized that I thought, “Okay, I’ll just use a group.” As it turns out you *can’t* send an aux to a group, but you can send a group to an aux. Bummer. So then I thought, “Okay, I’ll use a matrix.” …but you can’t map a matrix to OneMix.

    I don’t want any FOH changes to affect drum IEM mix whatsoever. As of right now I’ve had to use a group that is a drum sub-mix going to mains (fed by the drum input channels.) It’s not ideal, and they will hear any mix changes we make.

    There are two obvious work-arounds that I can see:

    1) duplicate all the drum channels, mark them as IEM channels, set up a static mix to a group, and never ever touch those channels again. Map the group to the iPad controllers. I don’t like that solution particularly because I have to burn 9 channels to make that happen. Yes, I have 128; it still is a waste.

    2) Send the Drum sub mix AUX path OUT of Dante, then back in on another DANTE input, and map that DANTE input to a stereo input channel. – I don’t like that because it adds a potential failure point that won’t be easily remedied by most of our volunteers.

    Any thoughts on how better to have a sub-mix routed to a single fader in OneMix?

    Thanks folks!

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    It seems like solution 1 is the best way. We do this with vocal inputs weekly, not to create a group for IEMs but to allow us to effect the vocals in the house mix differently without distracting the vocalists.

    I know you don’t like it because of the channel count, but as you stated, you have 128. That’s a huge number and short of having a separate monitor desk, I feel like it IS the way to do it and fairly standard.

    That being said, it is easy for me to also think: “A&H could just add a couple lines of code to let AUXs and Matrices show up on One Mix.”

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    You can send the drums to an unused FX send mono or stereo witch ever you need (pre fader), then put that effect on bypass, and its return will become a drum mix you can further send to Auxes.


    I think I’d rather burn channels than burn an FX buss though. In the long run, that seems like more of a waste than 8 channels for drums. I have infinitely more of those than I do busses.

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    You Dont need to physically go out of the console.
    in my case even if i need all 128 channels i dont use all 16 effects.

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