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    I think some of us has been doing Streams.

    And in Audio I more an more need an so called N-1 Mix.

    What I also would suggest, that you could do an Ducker that get´s triggered from an Inpt. So you can set a Mix to a Stream Output and wehen an outside Source get´s a Signal, the OUtput for that get´s dimmed, so you don´t need a Echo Canceler.

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    Mike C

    It’s already there.
    The input channels have a ducking feature also look using the Auto Mic Mix mode.
    Your input return source channel can trigger the ducking of the local inputs or use the
    AMM and play with the priority level of the outside incoming source.

    The few times I’ve a full two way live stream event I used the AMM mode and some old fashioned fader rider riding.

    Do you want this set up to be more or less an unattended system or will it have an operator for every event?

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    the Echo canceler is doing a different thing…
    it’s really resource hungry and introduces some latency (depends on the echo) while processing the inputs

    the N-1 is just a shortcut for a special working condition
    the functionality is the same as on a subgroup
    and only the source channel(s) get blocked from routing to the N-1 bus

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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