Strap to hold iPad round neck while mixing front of house?

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    Hey all
    So I can take full advantage of mixing front of house I’m going to need some kind of neck strap that I can attach to my iPad while I’m out front so my iPad will hang around my neck (As I also play bass guitar). This way I won’t need to keep on putting my iPad down on the floor while I mix while I’m playing bass.

    I need one that has the straps on the short sides so its always in landscape mode (As this is how the QU iPad app works).
    Any ideas?
    Ive had a look on eBay but they all look awful and are in portrait mode.

    Or does anyone else out there have to mix via iOS and play at the same time with any better solutions?


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    – Play bass.
    – Mix band.
    – Sound good.

    You get only 2…


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    If you have a Qu24 or Qu32, they come with one built in!

    If you really must buy something iRelated though, try one of these:

    However, I usually use a table.

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    I’ll keep on looking. Cheers anyway.

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    Having spent faaaaar too long looking into this and finding no solution I wanted to spend stupid money on, I decided to DIY it
    so here is my cheap and cheerful solution.

    iPad 4 hard cover – Cost £0.99 – Delivered from eBay
    Guitar Strap – Cost £0.00 – I had one hanging around
    Sticks Like Sh*t – Cost £0.00 – I always have some of this to hand at home
    Black tape – Cost £0.00 – I always have rolls of this to hand

    Total cost to me 99p
    Time to sort – less than 10 minutes

    I used the Sticks Like Sh*t to glue the guitar strap to the back of the iPad hard case. I then added the tape over the top to keep it held in place while the glue dried (I left it over night). Ive decided to not remove the tape as you can’t really ever see the back anyway and its just a bit more security.

    The strap is adjustable so it should fit anyone.

    So now I can mix and play guitar (Kind of) during soundcheck without having to keep putting the iPad on the floor. I find it easier to have the strap over my one shoulder and to the side of me so it doesnt get in the way of my guitar.
    I hope this helps some other users out there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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