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    I just purchased a QU16. We have been using a QU-SB with out band for a couple of years but I wanted to be able to use the interface in the studio so… faders.

    I made a scene for use in the studio, where I want to use the custom layer to control my DAW. Set it all up, saved the scene, good to go.
    I made another scene for our band, where I made a custom layer for band rehearsals, where we only use a subset of all inputs (only digital drums instead of mics for the kit)

    I found out that this custom layer over-wrote the custom layer that I made in the ‘studio’ scene. so apparantly the custom layer is not stored with the scene. Am I doing something wrong?

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    a scene stores everything, always
    so if your scene does not what you want you didn’t stored it

    the filters only apply to the recall
    keep in mind there are global filters and scene filters

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    That did the trick! Custom layer and soft keys were blocked in the global filter. I reset the mixer to factory settings after I bought it, so I thought it was in ‘vanilla’ state. Apparently I was wrong…

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    Mike C

    Here’s a slightly hidden feature for mixer custom layers and if your using
    the Allen Heath QU Pad mix app on an iPad.

    If you want the mixers custom layer to appear on the QU Pad mix app go into
    the app settings menu and check the box “custom 1 follows mixer”.

    Doing that custom layer 1 on the app will always be the same custom layer
    that is on the mixer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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