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    Random actions, give random results. They can be pleasant surprises ofcourse ;). But I like it better, being able to predict the results of my actions, as well as possible. Working with the Stereo Tap Delay, I found that very hard to do. A very counterintuitive FX unit. How hard can it be, you would ask. Well;

    -Put the display in BPM. Chose for left a quarter note and for right a halve note triplet. As a musician you would expect a nice 4 against 3 repeating pattern in the left and right speaker, when you turn up the feedback. This is not what you will get. The FX unit will take the longest of the two options in the display, and repeat the notes that fall in that phrase. Although in this case gives a very nice result, it is quite difficult to predict.

    -Selecting the tempo, beneath Tap, and changing it with the yellow encoder on the desk works also counterintuitive. A turn to the right gives a slower tempo, a turn to the left a higher. That should ofcourse be the other way around.

    The latter, I think is a bug. The first is maybe simply not possible for the SQ, to make it react more musical. Well just hitting Scatter, and aplying the Feedback Filter, will do in most cases. I know. But if giving the Stereo Tap Delay some TLC, by the developers, is an option, that would really be apreciated. Thank you !

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @johanaben,

    The stereo tap delay is designed to give an even stereo image, with the timing on each side controlling the offset of the repeats. If it behaved as you suggest, you would have the delay on one side trail out before the other, so you’d need two separate feedback controls, at this point you’re thinking about each side of the delay as a different unit, and so for two separate delays as you describe, the best thing to do is to use two FX units.
    You could set these both to BPM mode with whichever division you’d like, then sync them from the Global tap tempo to keep them synchronised.

    Regarding the behavior of the touchscreen rotary when switching between ms and BPM, this just changes what is displayed on screen and allows you to select divisions easily. With that control, you are always either increasing (clockwise) or decreasing (anti-clockwise) the delay time. This is more apparent when using a SoftRotary, as you can see the actual control is always increasing or decreasing the ms delay time, even when you have chosen to display the BPM on the FX screen.

    Saying all this, I have noted these comments for future development, as whilst we will not change how the stereo tap delay works across all ranges (there are thousands of engineers who use it every day and are familiar with the way it works currently), these are valid observations from a musicians POV and will be considered if we come up with a new delay unit.


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    Thanks for your reply Keith.

    The visual feedback, presented in a more musical notation, made me (too) enthousiastic, I guess. But as always, you and the team take your time to respond and help. Quick and with class. The SQ is a beautiful and musical machine, supported and backed up by a wonderful technical team. Thank you all !

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