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    It is possible to record the stereo-record the output of the Qu16 when playing back a stereo playback.

    It would be nice to be able to stereo-record a multi-track playback too, for example to capture the result of tweaking the channels’ processing of a multi-track recording. The results could be sent to band mates for them to approve or disapprove changes to the mixer settings.

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    Hi Guitar Hero

    No I’m afraid you cannot Record to Qu-Drive and simultaneously playback from the same HDD I’m afraid.

    Though you could Playback a recording from the Qu-Drive and record via the USB port to a Mac running a DAW, or playback audio from a Mac DAW and record to Qu-Drive.–understanding-qu-drive-and-usb

    Hope this helps.

    Sam A&H

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    Hello Sam,

    yes, I know that it is not possible. My post was a feature suggestion.
    Or did you mean to say, that can’t be done at all within the Qu16?


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    (As a side note, on that link it’s stated that “Stereo Playback + Stereo Record simultaneously, not supported”. But I’ve been doing that the last days. And it’s one of my main reasons to keep the Qu16. My girlfriend has been recording her voice on a playback-track being stereo playbacked in the Qu16)

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    Speaking in the terms of the document “Qu-Drive. Understanding Qu-Drive and USB”, my feature suggestion is:

    Stereo Record + Multitrack Playback simultaneously

    I know it’s not supported yet. I’m suggesting to make it work since it would be very useful. I’m working on Windows, so the workaround through streaming to a Mac doesn’t do it for me.

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