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    I’m considering putting a Qu-Pac in our children’s area at church. They frequently play canned music through a computer and I’m thinking it would simple to have them load songs onto the USB drive and play them back via Qu Drive. Will Qu Drive play back files that have been placed on the drive externally, or will it only play files that were recorded on the Qu-Pac?

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    Files need to be in the correct format, and IIRC put in the correct folder too. Not really very used friendly and not something I’d recommend for a children’s group.
    I usually play back bgm from an iPod plugged into ST3 or music for shows directly from a laptop into USB-B. No reason though, that they couldn’t play from a computers sound output.

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    I’d use anything plugged into ST3.

    Qu flash drive just isn’t a user friendly setup

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    I also recommend using the ST3 input.

    I personally have found the USB playback to be unreliable. I placed a stereo track on a USB stick formatted with the QU and tried to play it back. It would play for a minute or so then stop. I tried creating the track at 48 kHz and 44.1 with the same results. The QU seems to be very finicky regarding which USB sticks work reliably. I am using a PC, not a Mac, and that could perhaps influence the results. Since this is not something we really need to do, I have not investigated the matter any further.

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    I agree with the above suggestions for ST3, with an addition…

    If you connect a 3.5mm stereo cord between ST3 and an AirPort Express (around $100 new, $50-ish refurb), your church people can use the AirPlay feature of their iPhones or install AllConnect (free) on their Android phone to play any songs wirelessly through the Qu-Pac without having to touch any of the controls.

    I do this with a number of bands, so that band members can be responsible for the selection of break-music.

    You also have the benefit of connecting the AirPort Express to the Qu-Pac via CAT5 cable for remote control by authorized staff.

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    For fun, I tried the “children at church” scenario and I was able to play music from windows media player through the Qu-SB.
    Downloaded the windows drivers, plugged the Qu usb into the laptop which then installed. Start the song and go to the little speaker in the righthand bottom corner. It let’s you choose which audio device you want to use (in my case onboard windows device, 27+28, 29+30 or 31+32. Defeat the windows device, enable 27+28 and presto !


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    Mike C

    What other audio needs does your childrens area have, the Qu-pac in general may be a little over kill.

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