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    The QuPac stereo line inputs are said to “normal” connections (ie parallel the L & R signals if only the L jack is inserted).

    Is this also the case for stereo outputs (eg Alt Out)


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    Based on the documentation I say no.

    The Qu24/32 system block diagram clearly shows R being connected to L until a plug is inserted in R.
    No outputs on the diagram show anything but separate L and R plug connections directly to just L and R respectively.

    I recall seeing what you said about input and the diagram confirms it, but searching for that as text I did not find it anywhere.
    So it is possible that somewhere there is text that contradicts the diagram for stereo outs. However, I seriously doubt that the QuPac is different.

    Found the QuPac diagram

    It is essentially the same as the Qu 24/32 was.

    If you want one mono out can’t you just use a Y connector ? Amazon has them at about 4/$20.

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    The stereo line inputs are physically normalled but the stereo outs are not.

    If mono output is desired then the I/O patch screen will allow L+R to be set in software.

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