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    So when you want to patch an input to a stereo channel, you always have to patch it from an odd/even pair.
    I usually have some stereo channels to the back of the inputs so that I can quickly swap them in if there are keys or samplers for example.
    Now if the patch has these on even/odd channels, I can’t use them. Also, when you run into a problem like a bad cable, you have to swap both inputs.

    We’re able to patch both sides of stereo outputs (even the direct outs from a stereo channel) to any random output (e.g. 1 and 11), why not on the inputs?

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    I have to say that while this stereo requirement has been a consistent requirement on A&H digital consoles, I find it hard to imagine why it is required. Surely the processing power is there to allow a person to patch an even and odd channel to stereo. Perhaps there really is some fundamental low level processing decision that was made early on that hard codes this choice – but given how A&H talks about the flexibility that FPGA brings, I find it hard to believe that it can’t be changed. Perhaps it was simply a decision made initially to cut down on the GUI requirements to make this work – you would have to have an additional drop down menu to choose which pair of sequential channels to combine. Perhaps A&H simply doesn’t think it is an important enough issue to change it.

    In any case, this is definitely a much asked for change and I fully support the efforts to make it happen!

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    Honestly, I wouldn’t really care about stereo channels at all if ganged channels worked as ‘expected’. By that I mean that they do not act like stereo channels when an insert is used. You basically cannot use a Dyn8 on a stereo gang.

    AH are fairly open about the fact that stereo channels are for fixed stereo pairs like house music playback etc.(the fact that this is in the mixrack settings only is also a hint), but its a hard sell when there are no stereo insert or gang control option for Dyn8 etc.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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