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    Hi Folks,
    Think it would be nice to have the Stereo Image processing Slot in groups available, like it is in stereo channels.

    Thanks a lot!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi 22fuzzi,

    The stereo processing on input channels is to get stereo signals into the rest of the desk ‘correctly’, it offers options that would otherwise only be available with two mono channels (e.g. polarity reversal on one side) as well as the extra option of Mid/Side decoding. We’ve not seen the need for it on stereo mixes before, as width would be achieved with panning, polarity would have already been switched at the inputs, and M/S would just not make sense!

    So at this point I couldn’t say whether it would be possible to add this, but to discuss it further, would you (or other users) be able to provide some examples of how you’d like to use it?


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    Hi Keith,
    Thank you for the answer and for your work to build useful consoles.
    There are 3 cases where this option would be great.

    1) MS could make Sense to control the mid-signal as mono channel without changing the side-channel and do the decoding in the group.

    2) special but for me very important case:
    I’ll need only one group to use the haas-effekt on live performances.

    In Detail:
    Stage, some band or what ever in the middle, and at one side a speakers-desk (lectern) or something like this.
    Instead of panning the speakers mic with the Pan (intensity) I used to delay one side of the PA System.
    But I need 2 mono groups (one is delayed, one not) an routed to one PA side.

    With the stereo processing i can use one stereo group swap L and R, to the delay and route it to LR.
    The Input Channel will be send to LR AND!! to this group, but hard Pan to one side (where the localisation has to be)
    Because of the L-R swaped group the other PA side will be delayed.

    Benefit 1: need only 1 group, no matter on which side the localisation should be!!!!

    This would be awesome!!!!

    So there can be build different delay panning a with different groups.

    Hope I explained this really complex thing correct. But for me it would be a real great thing – with more or less “no” processing effort of the desk.

    Thanks for your attention!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Johannes,

    1) MS could make Sense to control the mid-signal as mono channel without changing the side-channel and do the decoding in the group.

    ahhh, yes, that would make sense!

    You description for making use of the Haas effect also makes sense, and is a neat application.

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify – it will really help for further discussions. I will be blunt and say these may still be quite niche cases, but now that they’re here and explained on the thread it gives other users a chance to add their thoughts, so it could end up being something that is considered for the future 🙂

    Thanks again!

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    I came on to start a thread about this but it seems its been done 🙂 I would also like to add my +1 to having a stereo width control on all stereo busses.

    Possible applications:
    1. Stereo instrument group panning intensity – Things like a drum bus or a multi-mic choir could have multiple channels running into them with panning that are pre-set by the engineer in a stereo image they like. The stereo width could then be adjusted in the group bus to suit the room/PA in use for instances where too more or less panning is needed, but without having to adjust every channel individually.

    2. Quickly Mono sum a stereo aux – e.g. you’ve got 2 wedges in stereo and you loose one side, you might want to mono the bus up so as not to loose anything thats panned.
    This would also essentially allow busses to be switched between Stereo/Mono between scenes if needed rather than changing the config for the whole showfile.

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    I think Yann is on to something with his second use case!

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I like the idea of Stereo Width on Stereo buses too.

    I often mix support acts -> intermission music -> headline act. It’s unacceptable to have a drop in audio which will happen if loading another show which is the currently the only way for me to switch between mono & stereo buses for different acts. Having stereo width on outputs (even with only 0% or 100%) would fix that as that would be at scene recall level.

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    Hi Dave,

    Yes a good idea!

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