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    Hello, would it be possible to add stereo channels to the AMM? We do news with our dLive and we have a lot of remote guests coming in Satellite, LTN, Zoom, and Skype, these all go to FrameSyncs with stereo outs. I have found that on another console we have Waves Super Rack, their Dugan plugin allows stereo racks to be used with the Dugan AutoMixer. this is a TREMENDOUS help. It really cleans up interviews especially uf the remote guest is in noisy room or just has a noisy feed. Would it be too much trouble to add the ability to put stereo channels in the AMM? It would make a HUGE difference for us!

    Thanks as always!

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    good idea

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    Agreed. This caught me out in the same situation.

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    I see the need for this and don’t see why it couldn’t be accomplished! However, IIRC, the auto mixer in Midas consoles actually produces a mono output that can then be routed anywhere, so perhaps it’s working similarly in dLive.

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