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    Hey folks!

    Discovered an interesting bug w/ stereo channels…

    I needed to repurpose two previously mono analogue inputs as source for a stereo channel to mic an accordion. The were previously Lav channels. I removed input source from the lav channels, made a stereo channel, then set the input of that stereo channel to those inputs on the DM48 (in this case, analogue inputs 35-36.) Turned on phantom, set gain about where I thought it needed to be and discovered that one side was drastically louder than the other. …which was concerning because those mics were a matched set of Oktava mk-012.

    Just to check gain settings, I reassigned input source to the previously used mono channels, lav 1 @ 35, lav 2 @ 36. Gain settings appeared to be weirdly different, and then I noticed that PAD had been active on one of the channels. HOWEVER, pad was *not* active when 35/36 were set as input source to stereo pair.

    …meaning, the only way to actually remove that pad was to reassign input source to a mono channel, remove the pad, and then the stereo pair gain matching was okay. I recall VENUE had a similar gotcha. It would be nice if there was some sort of warning for that situation, or for the dLive to automatically pad both inputs if one is linked with one that is not. I’ll email support as well.

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    I also experienced this behavior when patching two analog sources to a stereo channel. One of the channels was distorting and nothing was visible in the metering.
    When patching two sources to a stereo channel the expected behavior for me would be that the preamp setting of the two sources will be set equal.


    It looks like you can toggle pad on/off and then it will synchronize the pad status between the two inputs! Thanks to Jack for that bit of information!

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