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    I use my QU mixer for mainly home recording. However I gig often and we mainly use PA companies for sound and they provide all out board gear. I have a couple of events that require ( due to client costs ) that I use my mixer.

    The issue ai have is that it would be great to have a approx mix that I could tweak rather than starting from scratch as sound check may be limited.

    Do Allen and Heath have such tracks like untreated drums on separate tracks that I could download or is there a a default config I could use to mitigate time.

    I am using 3 mics for drums/Bass/Guitar/Sax/Keys/2x vocal

    Thanks in advance.


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Andre,

    We don’t have any multi-track files available, but you do have channel libraries available on Qu which will help to quickly get you to a starting point.

    If you’re on a Qu surface, you can access the libraries by selecting an input channel, followed by the processing key. The select the PEQ block, followed by the Fn (Library) key.

    If you’re on the iPad, select an input channel and then press the Library button on the left side of the app.

    You can then recall a Channel (all processing) library that suits the channel. There also individual libraries for the PEQ, gate and compressor.

    I hope this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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