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    multitrack recording to QU-Drive is working fine, but ST2 and ST3 channels are missing! They are available when using USB B Streaming to a PC.

    Any idea about including ST2 and ST3 to QU-drive Multitrack-Recording?

    many thx


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    From the manual:

    Qu-Drive is 18-tracks with
    one patchable stereo pair for track 17-18. USB B is 24
    channel with three patchable stereo pairs including the
    same track 17-18 as Qu-Drive and the LR post-fade
    mix on track 23-24.

    Which is what you said really.

    So you can’t record ST2 & ST3 with the Qu-Drive.

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    But you can choose in the options which stereo channels you would like to record! Either ST1, 2 or 3! However, all of the Stereo Channels can only be recorded by using the USB-B Streaming!

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    Yeap, guys. I already read the manual. I know what works and what doesn’t.

    The question is “why” it doesn’t (simply to understand) and “when” will be all channel available for multitrack recording!?

    As I had good experience recording 32 channels on a consumer USB-HDD with JoeCo-BlackBox Recorders, there can’t be the limit in the USB interface.

    A statement from A&H is highly recommended, thx!



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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Geddy,

    The channel count on Qu-Drive is not likely to change I’m afraid. JoeCo’s recorder uses different (more expensive) technology, you can appreciate we cannot put £2k worth of recording technology in a <£2k mixer. However we made the USB outputs fully patchable in Qu-24 and the plan is for the same to happen in Qu-16 v1.3 - to be released soon. This will allow simultaneous recording of a selection of mono / stereo inputs and mixes. Beyond 18 tracks you can use the full-duplex USB B port which gives you a 24x22 interface (32x30 on Qu-24).

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    Hi Nicola,

    thanks for fast feedback!

    That’s what I expected! You can’t ask for a HUD in a entry level car as well 😉

    As I often work with a show needing 16mics plus 3 Stereos for Keys it’s now a ZED10 working as Key-Submixer and everything is fine!

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