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    Just realized (needed to do this) it’d be nice to delay the left vs right channel differently in the processing screen for the stereo LR/Mix/Mtx outs.

    This can be done via matrices, but it burns through two stereo matrices at a time so this can only be done once. (need to have 6x mono matrices).

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    Why? and also.. Stereo delay fx inserted onto the bus 0% dry 100% wet?

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    Because one speaker might not be in the same coordinate or plane as another. Stereo is really just two mono outputs with same/similar processing and linked gains.

    Configurability is king.

    ST-delay-fx is an option, didn’t think of that. I wonder if one can configure it to be a “simple delay” with no modulations/feedback.

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    Also need this very very very often!

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    +1 I just came across this exact scenario where physically the StageL PA is 5 feet closer to the Audience than the Stage R. It would be really nice if we could delay each side separately.

    This same scenario exists for when delay towers are exactly the same distance and need their separate delay adjustments.

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    Other vendors let you adjust the delays on the output sockets. This is the most flexible way because you can adjust the delay not only for both sides separately. You also can realized mor complicated delay lines without burning down all your matrices.
    Sad that A&H goes the other way.

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    It would be much needed indeed!

    It is in fact rare that delay speaker are perfectly aligned L+R, would be essential to have at least the possibility to unlink the delay value of the two sides of a matrix output.

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    Did this happen in v1.5?

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    A&H won’t change their strickt guide lines.

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    dLive, Avantis, GLD, etc can all do this.

    I don’t believe for a second A&H can’t on the SQ.

    Just give them some more dev time for a somewhat low (expert) level request.

    v1.5 was all about RTA since everyone on social media was going to storm A&H-HQ and hold the dev team hostage until they implemented RTA. (I say that in jest, but honestly; the way some people talked about it, it was like losing their baby at childbirth for not having it).

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