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    SQ5 running 1.57 firmware. I’m setting up a USB stick formatted as SQdrive to playback files during the band break…and I’m hitting a number of issues. All files are WAV 44.1/16 (ripped from CD)
    1a) is there a maximum number of files that can be in the USBPLAY directory?
    1b) is there a maximum amount of space that can be used in the USBPLAY directory for WAV files?
    2a) Is there a maximum filename length?
    2b) are there any special characters in the filename that are not allowed?

    My issue is that can have, for example, 40 files in the USBPLAY directory….then I add, for example, 10 more and when I mount the USBStick on the front of the SQ5, then it will sometimes not find any playback files. I can delete the last files I added, and still no files will appear. (I see them on my MacBook Pro, however.) The only recovery is to reformat the drive and start over.
    This happens on multiple USBSticks from different manufacturers.

    I searched the forums. I can’t believe that I would be the first to find a bug like this and I anticipate it is operator error (me). Thanks for any guidance.

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    I’ve never understood why people even try to use USB playback. Play them off that Macbook you refer to. It’s so much easier, more flexible, and more robust.

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    Yep, it would really be nice if playing back off a USB thumb drive worked better. A MacBook takes up a lot of room on the table. But playback through the SQ Drive really doesn’t work so finding another solution seems to be the best bet. Sorry.


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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Playback of the odd file for band intro music is convenient using SQ Drive.
    Anything else I use a laptop connected to ST1 or 2, and I always have a 3.5 to 3.5mm cable in ST3 (and Lightning/USB C adapters) plugged so I can drop a phone etc in at a moments notice.

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    The Macbook sits at home and is used to load the WAV files onto the USB Stick. That’s too much extra to bring to a gig, additional time for setup/teardown, and too much additional risk of damage by having to drag out a computer – when a simple USB stick can fit in your pocket and should work. You also need the USB stick if you want to record a stereo mix using SQdrive.
    The SQ5 is a computer running Linux (I assume – or similar OS). The feature is already (partially) programmed. It’s just needs to work.
    Last night I used an iPod (fits in my pocket) running into ST3. There’s always a workaround, but this feature needs to work.
    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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