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    Greetings, looking to jump on the SQ system soon, and I had a few questions concerning IO.

    First off, I am looking to keep backwards compatibility with my existing dSnake hardware, while also supporting DX Expanders, so I plan on ordering an SLink card along with my SQ7 so I can use gigaAce and dSnake simultaneously.

    I am also wanting to have 8 channels (4 connections) of AES/EBU out of the SQ7 to eliminate a A/D-D/A conversion when connecting to my PA processor. From my reading, this would require a DX32. I have read some documentation that states the DX32 will not be supported until V1.4, however with reading some posts here, I’ve seen people mention using a DX32 with V1.3. Is the DX32 fully supported with an SQ7 as of V1.3? Any issues with using an 8 Channel AES/EBU card in a DX32 with a SQ7?

    My proposed setup would be:

    SQ7: SLink Port -> DX32 (2 Analog Input cards, 1 Analog Output card, 1 AES/EBU Output card)
    SQ7: SLink Card -> AR2412

    With future expansion/upgrade to:
    SQ7: SLink Port -> DXHub ->DX32,DX168, DX168
    SQ7: SLink Card -> No Connection.

    Am I thinking through this correctly? Would both these setups work as of V1.3?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Pmt257,

    Unfortunately, the DX32 is not supported in version 1.3 of the SQ firmware. It is planned for inclusion as soon as possible, but it has not yet been confirmed for inclusion in the next firmware.

    Once the DX32 is supported, both of your configurations will work correctly.

    You can find more information on supported configurations here: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SLinkConnections_V1_3_0.pdf



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    Great, thanks Alex!

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