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    Hi there,

    I have a relatively new SQ7 (32 fader), purchased a few months ago, that has been working fine since I bought it, with no problems, until just this past week. All current channel assignments are on Layer A. One of the channel strips is assigned for the kick drum, fed from a dynamic mic to a stage box into socket 17 on the board (channel strip 25). I have that channel routed to an ‘instruments’ group on the same layer, and the instruments group is routed to the main LR. All other instruments are set up with the same routing scheme and are working fine. The kick drum is not routed to any AUX or FX buses.

    Problem: I can see the channel input signal fine. I have it peaking just below the zero (unity) mark. However, I cannot see any output signal on the meters when I PFL the channel, and nothing from that kick drum channel is coming out of the PA (via he main LR mix). I moved that connector (from the snake) to another socket (from #17 to #25), with the same result. I have not yet, however, assigned the kick drum to another channel strip on the board. I wouldn’t think that the board channel strip assignment would cause the problem, but I don’t know. Next time I am at the church, I will try routing the channel to an AUX send to find out if I can hear anything there.

    Anyone have any ideas on why just my kick drum has no output signal?


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    Well, double check that it’s really routed to the group you think it is – and try it routed direct to L&R.

    Also check that you’ve not put any insert into the strip.

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    Insert something in the insert mount (tube stage) for example.
    Remove the insert and it should work

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