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    Thanks for the add. Relatively new to the SQ6 but I have two issues I’m trying to work through regarding monitoring.
    1. Is there a way to get a signal to both sides of an in ear monitor without using two output channels set to stereo? I really don’t want to use up two channels for every in ear monitor mix and I don’t truly need “stereo” sound. I just need the mono signal replicated to both earbuds.

    2. My SQ4You does not seem to want to connect to the board on my phone. I know the network is working because I have my tablet with MixPad connected and another phone. It will not find it in the opening screen on the app where you select devices. I have also tried manually establishing the connection via ISP but that doesn’t work either. Seems like a useful tool if I could just get it to work. I have and iPhone SE on iOS version 16.2 so I don’t see why it would be a compatibility issue.

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    Mike C

    What in ear monitor system are you using? Many of the wireless models have
    a set up option in the transmitter to operate in stereo or mono, in mono both
    earbuds are getting the same audio.
    Some hardwired IEM headphone amp modules have a mono option if they are not already mono.
    If all else fails use a Y cable to feed both channels of the IEM equipment.

    Is the WIFI network for the mixer a stand alone dedicated network?
    Are you able to connect and stay connected to the mixer WIFI network?
    Some devices do not like connection to a network where it can not see an active
    internet connection.
    Try doing “forget this network” and reconnecting.

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    After several hours of messing with it I eventually got my in ear to work as expected by changing the connectors I was using. The original stage box had two Speakon jacks that we were using for our wedge monitors so in an attempt to reuse that I found a Speakon to 1/4 adapter and plugged the earbuds directly into that adapter. That is what was giving me only left signal. Eventually I just took an XLR to TRS cable and plugged directly into the back of the board and plugged my earbuds into that and I had both left and right even though the output channel was set to mono (which is what I wanted). So…either that Speakon jack isn’t wired to accommodate both sides (honestly maybe speakon is only mono since you typically just run a speaker from it, I have no idea) or the adapter that I had for Speakon to 1/4 was not TRS. Regardless, bought some new 1/4 TRS jacks for the stage box and redid some wiring and I’m up and going.

    On my SQ4You I eventually got it to work but I had to uninstall the app off my phone and reinstall it. Maybe an issue with the install on my phone? Not real sure but I just knew that I had a table, an iPad, and another iPhone that were all connecting fine but my phone wouldn’t work. Makes me a little nervous that one day I will come in and it won’t work again but hopefully that isn’t the case.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply

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    It’s the TSR cable that is providing this “bridging” between a single mono signal coming out of one ear and a mono signal coming out of both ears. It’s just the way it’s wired. I also wouldn’t assume that all TSR cables will be wired the same way.

    That being said, the system really isn’t designed to plug a headphone directly into a stage output. That’s because the output provides a very low voltage signal and a headphone, like a speaker, needs to have the source signal amplified to get it to normal listening levels. While you may be able to hear everything on your headphones plugging directly into an output, it’s probably going to be very low volume. This is where a headphone amplifier comes in – it raises the voltage of the output to a level that provides normal listening levels.

    I’d suggest that you look at something like the Behringer P2 headphone amplifiers (not the PM1 however as it doesn’t act as a headphone amplifier) which retails for $59. Plug this into your output and plug the headphones into it. You’ll also get volume control as well which is very important.

    PS – as far as your phone not connecting to the SQ, this is generally a WiFi issue. You must have your device connected to the same network as the SQ console. This is obvious when you are using a WiFi only tablet (because nothing works without being connected to wifi). However with a cellular device, it may APPEAR to be connecting, but it might actually be attempting to use the cellular data connection instead of connecting to the correct WiFi. You cannot use the cellular data service and expect to connect to the SQ on a local network because they are two different networks. A good way to troubleshoot this is to turn off the cellular connection and only use WiFi. Once everything is working correctly, then you can turn the cellular service back on and it should still connect to the SQ via WiFi.

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