SQ6 to QU-SB (using as Stage Box versus DX168)

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    I have a QU-SB and from what I’m reading it should connect to my new SQ6 (once I update the firmware etc).
    That’s great as I could never do that with the QU desks…

    I was thinking of using it as stage box but what would the audio differences be between the QU-SB and DX168?

    I’m not sure I will use the QU-SB as a standalone unit and trying to figure out whether to sell it and put money towards a DX168

    It will be used for rock bands so absolute fidelty not the main goal but still a shame to cobble the SQ6 a bit by using a stage box with ‘lesser’ preamps etc.


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    Hi @andyoz.
    You can digitally split channels between SQ and QU mixers. However, you cannot control the preamps on one one from the other. IE one cannot function as a stagebox for the other.

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    That’s a great point. So to control the QU-SB would mean firing up the QU App plus router. No thanks.

    SQ still nerds deducated stage box then…

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    QuSB is 48kHz & Qu series pre’s, the SQ preamps are more in line with the dLive sound, and the whole system clocks at 96kHz (it runs at 48kHz when you plug it into an AR rack or Qu as the Stagebox)… so you actually throttle the console’s sound using it with the Qu’s, but the benefit of a digital split off a single cable is great… I’ve already used it with dLive as a monitor console a couple times (off the dLive it’s still 96kHz obviously) from a single cable, I love that convenience!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi all,

    The Qu-SB is not a stage box, and does not have a stage box ‘mode’ or similar, it is a fully featured mixer in it’s own right.
    (By connecting a Qu to an SQ digitally, you are actually connecting two different systems.)
    Saying that- there are many engineers using it in place of a stage box, who control Qu preamps using Qu-Pad as you say, but carry out the main mixing on SQ.

    @biggsounds – The SQ always runs at 96kHz internally. So the 48kHz sections are only at either end of the signal chain when using 48kHz units (AR/AB, ME or Qu). If you were clocked to a Qu for example, you could still use the Local I/O and all AD/DA conversion and processing would be at 96kHz. This is because all the SRC happens at the SLink port.


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    It’s all clear now. I just have the SB already and thought it might work as a backup to the real thing (which it sort of can). DX168 is really the go here.

    The QU-SB is a good value unit that’s for sure.


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