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    I had time to test the sq6 for 3 days now. I am a GLD-80 User, but I am selling this system
    at the moment and there is no new GLD out until now so I took a look at the sq6 and adjusted
    my GLD shows to the board.

    I have been working on a&h digital live consoles for more than 10 years and I have to say the
    SQ6 is a very good Mixing Desk. It is no GLD and no Dlive but a cool little desk.

    But there are some funktions missing which I hope to find in the next update

    Matrix: more flexibility 3stereo 6mono or even more
    Ganging: a must
    Trim on surface: If I am using the board as master board I have to switch the board to trim on surface that I don‘t infect the other console
    Mixes: Please find a little space on the touchscreen which tells you in which mix you are at the moment.
    In the GLD you can see this in the left bottom corner. The little blue light on the mix button is not enough.
    Showmanager: A internal showmanager would be nice
    PEQ: when you work with the GEQ it would be nice to see on the touchscreen in which band you are
    Value on LCD screen: a must
    SoftKey: Pad, Polarity, GEQ,
    PAFL: Faders for Pafl IEM, Pafl Wedge would be nice
    IPad App: It is the best mix pad I know, but it would love to have more flexibility in the meetering!
    I can see all my 48 inputs but can not configure 37 inputs + 11 outputs in one screen.

    Best Regards


    PS: I would love to have more flexibility in The mixes so that I can handle 12 stereo or 24 mono mixes, but I think
    I have to wait for a new GLD until that.

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