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    Hope everyone is doing well!
    I would like to have a red light in the studio being controlled by the SQ6’s channel 1 Mute button.
    The idea is the give the pivot a visual reference to whether his/her mic is muted or unmuted.
    I use Qlab and ive noticed that the midi message for mute button channel 1 is Controlchange 99 value 0 but this is for mute on and mute off. so there i believe there isn’t a distinct message to mute on and other value for mute off.

    The idea is having 2x DMX cues on qlab. One for DMX red colour @100% triggered by mute off @ SQ6 channel1 and one DMX cue on qlab for red colour 0% triggered by mute on.
    Im happy to use any other software if anyone has a better idea!
    Midi to macbook over usb.
    Qlab Dmx out on Artnet.

    Hope anyone can help!
    Thanks in advance!
    Pedro Cruz

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Pedro,

    The full SQ MIDI protocol is available here – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SQ-MIDI-Protocol-Issue3.pdf

    You may only be picking up part of the NRPN MIDI message being sent, as you should be able to make use of the following messages separately
    [with SQ MIDI channel = 1]
    Input channel 1 Mute On : B0 63 00 B0 62 00 B0 06 00 B0 26 01
    Input channel 1 Mute Off : B0 63 00 B0 62 00 B0 06 00 B0 26 00

    If you’d rather use non-NRPN messages, you could install and use A&H MIDI Control (https://www.allen-heath.com/midi-control/) to translate the messages between the SQ and QLab.
    The ‘CC Translator’ option enable control of a selection of parameters with CC and note on/off messages.
    Full information on that is in the help document here – https://www.allen-heath.com/media/AH-MIDI-Control-V2.00-Help.pdf#page=6&zoom=auto,-274,121 (link is to the CC Translator map SQ section, but setup info is at the top).

    Hope this helps! (sounds like fun 🙂 )

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    Thanks for your help! I’ve installed the app and will give it a try ASAP!
    I believe this is exactly what I need!
    Best Regards
    Pedro Cruz

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    Hi Keith,
    I tried the midi control app but without success. I’ve set it! for cc translation, but setting triggers in Qlab with the learn midi function, qlab stills sees the midi messages as control change messages and not midi note of or on according to channel’s mute state.

    Im not aware of how setup hexadecimal messages in qlab or if it’s possible.
    I read the document but I still believe cc translation is the right setting. I tried others as well without success.

    Hope you can help!
    Best Regards!

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