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    We have our SQ6 hooked up to our PC via the USB-B output. Currently we are receiving our ‘mix5’ stereo from an input that shows as SQ 1&2.

    We’re trying to find out how we can do a select each individual mic channel for recording from select channels so we can do a true multi-track recording in our DAW, not just the stereo mix.

    Attached is a photo of the only available inputs our PC shows from the AH SQ6. As mentioned we currently have our ‘mix5’ L&R mix going through the one listed SQ 1&2. There are a total of 4 pairs. SQ1&2, SQ3&4, SQ5&6, SQ7&8

    Originally I was expecting to see all 24 channels available in the PC console.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    When working with a DAW on Windows you should use the ASIO driver model instead of WDM. This will give you the opportunity to record all of your 24 channels simultaneously.
    But youshouldbe aware that, in the case you think about it, Audacity is not a real DAW and do not support ASIO. I am using Reaper, it is inexpensive and really powerful, with success.

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    Thanks. Not using audacity, I don’t think it supports the AISO drivers.

    So, speaking of AISO driver module, is it a different driver installation from what I would currently have running? How do I go in using the AISO, and do I have to reconfigure the current outputs from the USB-b to make this work?
    Currently I still want the 1+2 output as my main mix 5 stereo out…but I’d like to be able to select around 7 or so other individual tracks for my multi track recording.
    Looking forward in some advice so I can get this sorted!

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    Audacity supports ASIO. It’s a separate driver installation, but no different from the SQ’s end. You can also try Windows DirectSound, might work.

    You set up whatever things you want to record in the SQ I/O pages, on the USB tab. Channels, mixes, whatever.

    audacity ASIO docs

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