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    I’m setting up a new SQ6 and two DT168s for my church video streaming. It’s just out of the box. I also have the Dante Controller running. I allocated all 24 channels on the SQ6, layer A. When I look at I/O for the DT168 stageboxes, I’m only seeing 40 channels, leaving me only 16 channels to allocate to the two stage boxes, 8 for layer B, 8 for Layer C. I’d like to be able to use 12 channels for each stagebox, total of another 24 – reaching the total channel count of 48 (as advertised). I’m sure I’m missing something. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    In the standard configuration, when you initialze the console, you will see 40 mono and four stereo channels. When you change on the mixer configuration these four stereo channels to mono, you will have at last 48 mono channels, to which you can assign input sockets. That is the maximum of input channels as advertized. So, each configured stereo channel will „occupy“ to mono channel slots.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Every channel can be mono or stereo but the catch is a stereo channel uses not just 2 input sockets but 2 also channels, but only one fader. For example, if you reconfigured every channel to stereo you would ‘only’ have 24.

    Most mixers work this way, but not all.
    A competitor’s product I was considering before I got the SQ allows all 48 channels to be stereo or mono with no change in the count. This was very tempting, but I did the maths. I normally use a maximum of 7 stereo channels which still leaves me 34 mono, so a total of 41. That’s plenty for all my needs and the build/audio quality of the SQ won hands down so that’s where my money went.

    Strangely outputs don’t work this way. All mixes can be mono or stereo but you always have the same number.

    It would be cool to have all 48 channels stereo/mono but that would be internally 96 lots of processing which would cost a lot more to provide. Equally having FX, Aux/Groups, LR and Matrix mixes doubled when configuring as mono would be amazing but the additional addressable buses and routing would also cost a lot more to provide.

    Ultimately, in my opinion, at the target market of the SQ the extra cost of delivering this would make it totally uncompetitive and the vast majority of the people attracted to SQ just don’t need it, or the complexity in workflow it would bring.

    Having said that – if A&H want to make it at little or no extra cost then I would be very happy!

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    Thanks for the help. I set all channels to mono in mixer config. and now I have 48 ip channels. Now I see how this works. In the end, I may need a few stereo channels, but now I know the trade-offs. Thanks again for the help. The combo of the SQ6 mixer and the two DT168 stageboxes is a great setup for our situation.

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