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    Hi, I realize this is a common question probably, but I have never had to set up a set of fill’s until now. Can someone point me in the right direction. I just bought the SQ6, I have a set of 4 powered fill speakers. Probably i’ll use un a stereo set up. I understand that I should use a DCA, this way the L/R will control the mains and the DCA leave which is where I would set up the delay. Please let me know how this would actually be set up

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    DCA? makes no sense, since the DCA is a control fader only

    what you want is a matrix bus…
    select the main and there you have under Routig the matrix sends
    bring up the matrix master and delay it in the needed way
    that’s all you need

    it doesn’t change your current setup that much, just adds the matrix send

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    DCA is just a form or remote control really. You could use it to control an output, but it’s not an output itself and only controls level – no other processing.

    For fills that with their own eq & delays, I’d use a matrix.

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    I would also suggest to use POST Fader sends for MainLR to Matrix. So you can adjust the main level also for the matrix busses.
    If you want to run the fills in mono just set the matrix busses to mono, too.

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    I’m using the Matrix output for a set of fill speakers – taking feeds from the groups rather than the main.
    This allows me to exclude certain radio mics (in a group) where the speaker is prone to speak in front of the fill speakers.

    Its not ideal but does means the worship group/instrument feeds go to the fills.

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