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    Hi Guys

    Real newbie with the digital mixers and trying to work my way round. Trying to send a mix to Zoom via the computer think the patching is OK but main issue is the levels. The level to Zoom is low and from the computer back to the SQ and speakers is really loud. Trying to control it with the faders but they are not responding wanting know where I am going wrong in control the mix and adjusting the levels. Hope this makes sense just a little frustrated at not being able to control the levels.

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    Andre S

    Hi Dwarich,

    you could check in the routing screen, if in the direct out settings -> follow Fader is activated. There you´ll also find some more direct out settings like post HPF, post EQ, etc


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    Thanks Andre I will give it a try tomorrow and hit you back

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    Mike C

    Be carefull you don’t create a feedback loop through Zoom when using a sound system to feed into an amplify
    the incoing return audio.
    I did some checking into ZOOM for a sound job that did not happen and it looks like there is some audio set up
    options to isolate incoming and outgoing audio as well as turning off the echo cancellation.

    In the couple of non ZOOM remote meetings I did sound for echo cancellation was off and I used the AMM with a little
    ole fashioned fader riding and it worked well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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