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    I’m certain I’m doing things the wrong way 🙂 – hopefully this makes sense…

    Our monitor console is an SQ5 and all players/vocalists are using the SQ4You app to control their mix. We wanted to have some reverb on the vocal channels (usually 3 vocalists), so I ran an aux send on each vocal channel to one of the reverb FX units. The players/vocalists then have a fader on the SQ4You app controlling the level of the FX channel.

    The downside is that if I bring the fader all the way down on a vocalist (if I don’t want them in my mix), because the reverb is an aux send coming from the main mix (not the individual stereo mix), I don’t hear the dry vocal, but I do hear the wet. It also becomes an issue if someone is working with a really hot mic or is singing quite loudly…the reverb gets overloaded with the one voice.

    What’s the right way to do this 🙂 ? Do I have to use a different reverb fx unit for each vocalists? Should I put an insert on the vocals and make everyone use reverb even if they don’t want to? Or is it as simple as ensuring the aux send is post-fader (I really can’t remember right now if the send is pre or post)?

    Hopefully that makes sense. There might even be a tutorial video on this, I’m just having a hard time figuring out how to search for it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    this might be helpful: https://youtu.be/XzeCInjOiEE (reverb/effects are mostly POST fader )

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    Mike C

    It’s not a pre or post fade issue in this case.
    The FX send is controlled on the main mixer, most likely post
    fade, since the three vocal channels are all being sent to just
    one FX mix that you are controlling the return level on SQ 4You
    you have no way to separate the FX return levels.

    Since all the vocals are sent to the same FX on the main mixer
    you will always hear the total mix of vocals on the one FX return.

    With SQ 4You there is no way to control a channel’s FX send levels.

    The only work around would be to have each vocal on it’s own FX mix.

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    But i think if each FX-machine is used for only 1 vocal everything is OK – isn’t it?

    Voc1 -> FX1 -> RtnFx1
    Voc2 -> FX2 -> RtnFx2
    Voc3 -> FX3 -> RtnFx3

    FX Snd 1-3 has to be PRE fader, and in the SQ4You you have to assign control groups for every Vocal (Voc + RtnFx)
    So you’ll have the full flexibility how many FX amount of each singer the individual person would receive!


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