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    Our church currently uses a Behringer X32, we are looking at replacement options since that board is starting to experience dead inputs/outputs after 6 years in operation. I have been tasked with looking for a replacement and we are considering the SQ5 with an AR2412 stage box. I would like validation from actual users that we can achieve the configuration I have laid out below, not concerned with inputs but more on outputs and if it will support our needs.

    (1) Mono monitor mix to stage (set up as one of the fader layers?)
    (6) Stereo monitor mixes to stage (controlled over wireless with App)
    (1) Left main speaker amp
    (1) Right main speaker amp
    (1) Mono Center Speaker amp
    (1) Mono Sub amp
    (1) Mono output to Hearing Loop amp
    (1) Mono output to main entrance/building speakers amp

    We are also looking at providing security levels to prevent people from on being able to run FOH features and the mono monitor mix, everything else is locked down.

    Any feedback or input is appreciated. I like the looks of the SQ5 for our installation and think it has several advantages of the old X32 currently in place.

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    You’ll want:
    7 Mixes for the monitors (one mono, 6 stereo)
    1 Mix for Sub

    Which leaves you with 4 Groups available (mono or stereo)

    3 Matrix (set to mono) for the centre, loop, & remote
    L&R will be L&R!

    Just think about which physical outputs you’ll use, as you’ll have 12 at the desk & 12 on stage from which to select the 19 you want.

    Or – you may choose to use a mix for the centre, in which case you’ll eat up a group, but free up a matrix.

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    Don’t know if this is too late, but I currently run an sq6 at my church. We don’t use as many outputs, but this should work, and is just an expansion of @markpaman:

    • Main LR – (Left main speaker amp, Right main speaker amp) This is your main mix and it is stereo.
    • Matrix 1 – (Mono Center Speaker amp) I’m guessing your room was previously LCR, So pull the Mix LR to the matrix.
    • Matrix 2 – Assuming the same signal you want to send to the other monos(Mono output to Hearing Loop amp and Mono output to main entrance/building speakers amp) is the same, you will only need one matrix. If the level sends need to be different, than you will need to use Matrix 3 as well.
    • Mix 1 – (Mono Sub amp) Subs
    • Mix 2 – (Mono monitor mix to stage (set up as one of the fader layers?)) Not exactly sure what you mean by “fader layers”. When you select a mix, all the individual channel faders become the selected mix level send for that channel, just like the main.
    • Mix 3-8 – (Stereo monitor mixes to stage (controlled over wireless with App))
    • Mix 9-12 – Aux or groups. You can have 12 total, so 12 groups, or 12 auxes, or 6 auxes and 6 groups(you get the idea).

    I trust my people, so I haven’t locked anything down. As far as number of outputs, you can patch anything to anywhere. You could have 10 physical sockets all outputting the MainLR – L channel.

    As far as you box placement(AR2412), I don’t know where your connections are. You will need more outputs than that box provides as 6 stereo = 12 sockets. If you only need more outputs, check out the DX012. You probably also know that the AR2412 is 48K, while the SQ’s are 96K.

    Don’t know if that helps, but there’s my 2 cents.

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