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    Hi to all users.
    I have a setup containing on 2 mics, 1 sax, 1 accordion, and 2 keyboards.
    My power amplifier is an LA4X from L-Acoustics, which have 4 In XLR connectors. I have two subs connected and two wide tops, also from L-Acoustics.
    I want to send in the subs only my keyboards, not the others instruments and mics, and I found out that I must use a matrix to do that. How do I do this on SQ5?

    Thanks and sorry for my english 🙂

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    You could use an AUX… Patch a mono aux to some output sockets, connect them to the subs and send the keys only to that aux.

    Best Regards,

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    You could also simply high pass the mics.

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    @tobi, but the keyboards must be sent to main LR too. Is possible to send to both main and aux?

    @nottooloud, you mean high pass filter mics? Definitely, not a solution IMO.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    You setup the Aux as Post fader, and only send the Keys to that one.
    On the L/R mix you just mix everything as normal.
    If the Keys get too much in the subs, just go to that Aux and lower the sends until it fits.

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    Mike C

    As mentioned set up the subs to be driven from a post fade aux out is fairly standard
    What frequency are the top boxes high passed at with in the processing of the amp

    Why is not high passing the mic an option?
    Granted in a true aux fed sub PA system the mid high boxes could be already
    high passed around 100hz but with some vocals you may want that a little higher.

    In a system that is ran full range just about every input channel can benefit for
    high pass filtering.

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    Why don’t only High pass mics, because the subs I think they’re set in the power amplifier to stop to 180 or 200 Hz (I think, I don’t know right now, I’m not near the power amplifier). I have to set the filter to 200Hz on the mics to be able to pass those low frequencies and this is not good for voices. Is too much. So I need to send the voices and all other instruments, but not the keyboards, only in the tops and not in the subs.
    I will do what you all said, to make that aux.

    Thank you all!

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    If you send the voices only to tops that are crossed at 200, you are high passing them at 200.

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